About Me


I am a Information and Library Professional. I live for chasing curiosity, collaboration, and enhancing the communities I engage with.

I love connecting people with the resources they need to meet their goals. I work directly with patrons, clients, and stakeholders to understand their goals, research or content, and then translate this into a plan of action. I meld my passion for people with an analytical eye to bring a big picture point of view to Special Collections Management, Research, Library programming, and Community engagement. 


Managing information and special collections on multiple platforms is Savannah’s forte: How to organize chaos, Build content, Share a brilliant story, and Connect that story to its audience. Serving as an Librarian and Archivist for federal, public, and non-profit institutions like The Smithsonian, The Harry Ransom Center, The American Institute of Physics, and Charleston County Public Library for nearly 10 years has given Savannah this expertise.

As an Assistant Branch Manager and Reference Services Manager with Charleston County Public Libraries, Savannah not only engages with individual needs from her patrons, but also engages with the community as a whole. Through program initiatives, community partnerships, or instruction for patrons, Savannah builds trust and drives the library’s mission of making a positive impact that connects our diverse community to information, fosters lifelong learning and enriches lives.

From 2016-2017 as Technical Content Strategist, Savannah managed content migration from start to finish for website redesign projects at U.Group. Her work was critical to the organization and migration of new and legacy content: taxonomy systems, metadata, on-page content and database schema. By re-organizing outdated and unorganized legacy content into new, streamlined content for your new website, she is able to present users (both back- and front-end) a site with easily stored and retrievable information. This position required round-the-clock collaboration and advisement with every U.Group department on the project team, as well as client collaboration and instruction. Clients included: The National Park FoundationThe Broad Center and more.

Before graduating with her Masters of Science in Information Studies (MSIS) from the University of Texas in 2012, Savannah worked as an Account Manager in Image, Permission, & Acquisitions at Cengage Learning. She worked closely with editors on over 1,000 publications.

Savannah holds a BA in English from Oakland University and an MSIS from the University of Texas at Austin.

For the Love of Travel

Before starting at Charleston County Public Library, Savannah worked in digital marketing and content strategy. After a year of working at a full-service digital agency in Washington DC, she quit her job and traveled the world for six months. While she traveled she worked on remote paid assignments in writing (blogs, articles), copywriting, editing, strategy consultation, and branding. You can see those travels on her travel blog at Savvyroving.com 

When she’s not …

In her spare time she enjoys being a member of the Choir that sings with the Charleston Symphony,  Charleston Symphony Orchestra Chorus, travelling to new places, and creative writing.